VOLUME 11, NO 2, JUNE 2021

Effects of Monetary Policy Instruments on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Loan Accessibility in Nigeria
Olajide, Olubayo Thomas


Human Resource Management Practices and Innovation Work Behaviour: Empirical Evidences of the Malaysian Manufacturing Company
Sabri, Siti Shalim and Saraih, Ummi Naiemah


Social Media Advertising and Online Buying Intentions: A Multidimensional Investigation with Shopping Enjoyment as Mediator
Shathees Baskaran, Dhinesh K Raman, Nomahaza Mahadi and Logaiswari Indiran


Effect of Technology Strategy on Organizational Performance of Manufacturing Companies: A note on how to conduct a Data Screening and Preliminary Analysis
Suriani Sukri and Rushami Zien Yusoff


Corporate Performance and Service Innovation: An Empirical Investigation in a Manufacturing-Based Organization
Ai Tong, Aphassra, Saraih, Ummi Naiemah and Wan Sallha Yusoff


 Consumer Acceptance of Nutritional Dates Seed Innovation for a New Ice Cream Flavor in Malaysia
Razmah Mahmod, Mazni Saad, Faizah Mashahadi and Nazura Mohd Sayuti

[83 -94]