Table Of Content 2012

February 2012 [Issue 1]

A Qualitative Enquiry into the Risk Management and Reporting Practices of Islamic Banks in Malaysia
Mamunur Rashid, Quazi Sagota Samina and Abul Bashar Bhuiyan

Optimizing HR Outsourcing through Business Strategy
Hasliza Abdul-Halim and  Norbani Che-Ha

Business Process Re-Engineering Implementations in the High Tech Entrepreneurship Firm in Malaysia: A Study on Determinant Factors
Itad Eissa A.S.and Abdul Manaf Bohari

Contemporary Takaful in Thailand: a Community-Empowerment Oriented Analysis
Adil Siripatana, Nabeel Husalam, Wasana Wansakhun Chitima Wanyeelae, Wisoot Binlateh and Chairat Siripatana

Shubuhat on Matter of Bai’alinah and Tawarruq
Essia Ries Ahmed, Sofri Yahaya and Md. Harashid

Community Marketing: An Essential Ingredient for Muslim Community Empowerment
Chairat Siripatana, Hussen Niyomdecha, Nabeel Hasalam, Wisut Binlateh and Mohd. Murray Hunter

Towards an Islamic Business Model: A Tawhid Approach
Mohd. Murray Hunter

Challenges to Practice Corporate Social Responsibility
Md. Tareq Hossain, Chamhuri Siwar, Mazlin Mokhtar and Mohd Fauzi Mohd Jani

The Effect of the Higher Petrol Price on Unemployment by Sectors
Mohd Shahidan Shaari and Wan Sallha Yusoff

Ciri-Ciri Umum Usahawan Berjaya: Analisis Daripada Perspektif Islam
Shuhairimi  Abdullah

June 2012 [Issue 2]

Entrepreneurial Universities in Victoria: An Analysis of University-Based Entrepreneurship Ecosystems
Howard Frederick

Educating Tomorrow’s Authentic Global Leaders Synthesis of Engineering, Management and Liberal Arts
Vijay K. Arora

The Practice of Islamic Work Values in the Organization: A Study among Female and Male Employees
Mastura Ab. Wahab

Is There Life After Facebook? The Cyber Gulag Revisited & Debate Reloaded (On the Arab ‘Spring’, London ‘Summer'

And Wall Street ‘Autumn’ – An Instructive Lesson For Asia/SEA)
Anis H. Bajrektarevic

Using Theory of Reasoned Action to Explain Taxpayer Intention to Comply with Goods and Services Tax
Zainol Bidin

Export Financing Practices in Bangladesh: An Appraisal of some Selected Commercial Banks
Mohammad Nesarul Karim and Mohammad Hasmat Ali

Developing Natural Products and New Value Chains in Kelantan while Maintaining Cultural Integrity: What, How and for Whom
Mohd. Murray Hunter

Laleng Indigenous Community of Sylhet: Changing Pattern in Political Organization
Md. Bayezid Alam and Md. Shahabul Haque

Knowledge Management Strategy of a Law Firm
Md. Abdul Jalil

Etika Dalam Perniagaan dan Pencarian Menuju Integriti (Ethics in Business and Quest for Integrity)
Mohd Mizan Aslam

October 2012 [Issue 3]

Managing Chemical Wrappers and Chemical Containers by the Wholesale and Retail Traders Vis-à-vis the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 and the Environmental Quality Act 1974
Azuddin Bahari, Hanum Hassan and Faridah Wahab

Communications and Trust Is a Key Factor to Success in Virtual Teams Collaborations
Bibi Noraini Mohd Yusuf

Corporate Social Responsibility: An Islamic Perspective
Kazi Masuma Khatun and Hala Alautiyat

Examining Relationship between Working Capital Changes and Fixed Assets with Assets Return: Iranian Scenario
Mahdi Salehi

Geopolitics of Technology and the Hydrocarbon Status Quo
Mohd Mizan Aslam
Anis H. Bajrektarevic

The Roles of Middle Managers in the Strategic Implementation: A Proposed Model for Islamic Banking in Indonesia
Dudi Permana, Hasliza Abdul Halim and Ishak Ismail

Synergistic Roles of Psychological and Organisational Factors in Cultivating Intrapreneurship to Enhance Performance
Noor Hazlina Ahmad, Aizzat Nasurdin and Siti Rohaida Mohamed Zainal

Testing the Convergence Theory in the Malaysian Electrical and Electronic Manufacturing Sector
Hazril Izwar Ibrahim

The Impact of Exchange Rate on Malaysia Wood Export
Noor Aini Zakaria, Hafizah Abdul Rahim and Noor Hazmira Merous

Prospek Ekonomi Dalam Pengurusan Sisa Pepejal Di Perlis: Ke Arah Merealisasikan Perlis Maju 2015