VOLUME 10, NO 1, FEB 2020

Internal Audit Strategy: A Key Determinant for Auditing Efficiency and Effectiveness in Tax Administration
Zakariya’u Gurama, Muzainah Mansor, Muhammad Ibrahim


Exploring Work-Life Balance Practices in the United Kingdom and Italy
Rawnak Afroze


Employees of Commercial Banks Learning to Unlearn: A Case Study on The Impact of Electronic Banking in The Commercial Banks of Bangladesh
Oeshwik Ahmed and Benazir Rahman


IT Competency in Accounting: A Conceptual Study
Mokhtar Abdulhakim Alsabahi, Ku Maisurah Ku Bahador and Rafeah Mat Saat


The Impact of Board Characteristics on Firm Performance in Nigeria
Isa Usman, Zakariya’u Gurama and Sirajo Murtala


Public Sector Officials’ Commitment to Anti-Bribery Management System Implementation: A Case Study in the Malaysian Context
Nurisyal Muhamad and Norhaninah A. Gani


Exploring HRM Practices to Retain Generation-Z in Information Technology Sector: A Systematic Literature Review
Hasaranga Dilshan Jayathilake and Nursyamilah Annuar


Solutions to Herders-Farmers Conflict in Nigeria: The Academic Perspectives and Business Implications
Mohammed Abubakar Mawoli and Abdul Adamu


Political Elites and Earnings Management in Malaysian Public Listed Companies
Roopini A/P Sriram and Wan Sallha Yusoff


The Effects of International Migration on Male Unemployment in Malaysia
Mohd Shahidan Shaari, Abdul Rahim Ridzuan, Nor Hidayah Harun and Faiz Masnan