Table of Content 2021


February 2021 [Issue 1]

Moderating Effect of Religious Orientation on General Takaful Product Pricing and Muslim Customers Purchasing Behaviour

Ku Amir Ku Daud, Tunku Salha Tunku Ahmad and Mohd Zukime Mat Junoh

Factors Influencing on Consumers’ Fast-Food Consumption Preferences: An Empirical Study on Facebook Users in Dhaka City, Bangladesh
Sabakun Naher Shetu

Investigating Employers’ and Graduates’ Perceptions about Graduate Employability Skills in Bangladesh
Mahi Uddin 

Preliminary Study on the Perception of E-Wallets Usage by Malaysian Online Users
Nur Amalina Diyana Suhaimi

Influence of Stakeholders on Sustainability of Social Enterprises: A Critical Review Study
Mas Ervina Samsuddin, Mohd Fairuz Md Salleh, Azlina Ahmad, Amizawati Mohd Amir, 

The Role of Organizational Justice in Determining Organizational Commitment
Abdullah Shaakir Abdul Halim, Rabeatul Husna Abdull Rahman, Masdinah Alauyah Bt Md.Yusof and Ainul Syakira Mahidi Mohyedin

Fintech in Bangladesh: Ecosystem, Opportunities and Challenges
Benazir Rahman, Oeshwik Ahmed and Shireen Shakil

Comparative Analysis on Financial Performance of Selected Commercial Banks: A Study on Bangladesh Banking Sector
Md. Sharif Hassan

June 2021 [Issue 2]

Effects of Monetary Policy Instruments on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Loan Accessibility in Nigeria

Olajide, Olubayo Thomas

Human Resource Management Practices and Innovation Work Behaviour: Empirical Evidences of the Malaysian Manufacturing Company

Sabri, Siti Shalim and Saraih, Ummi Naiemah

Social Media Advertising and Online Buying Intentions: A Multidimensional Investigation with Shopping Enjoyment as Mediator

Shathees Baskaran, Dhinesh K Raman, Nomahaza Mahadi and Logaiswari Indiran

Effect of Technology Strategy on Organizational Performance of Manufacturing Companies: A note on how to conduct a Data Screening and Preliminary Analysis

Suriani Sukri and Rushami Zien Yusoff

Corporate Performance and Service Innovation: An Empirical Investigation in a Manufacturing-Based Organization

Ai Tong, Aphassra, Saraih, Ummi Naiemah and Wan Sallha Yusoff

Consumer Acceptance of Nutritional Dates Seed Innovation for a New Ice Cream Flavor in Malaysia

Razmah Mahmod, Mazni Saad, Faizah Mashahadi and Nazura Mohd Sayuti

October 2021 [Issue 3]

Online Consumer’s Behavior on Product Review and The Likelihood of Them Being Fraud Victims

Wan Nurazim Ezzati Wan Abdul Rahim and Amrizah Kamaluddin

Mediating Effect of Financial Reporting Act 2015 on Financial Reporting Quality in Bangladesh

Mohammad Rokibul Kabir, Fahmida Akhter and Ali Abrar Sadaf

Exploring Digital Parenting Awareness During Covid-19 Pandemic Through Online Teaching and Learning from Home

Noormaizatul Akmar Ishak, Syed Zulkarnain Syed Idrus, Ummi Naiemah Saraih, Mohd Fisol Osman, Wibowo Heru Prasetiyo, Obby Taufik Hidayat and Firas Tayseer Mohammad Ayasrah

Board diversity and ownership structure in ASEAN countries: A bibliometric review

Haslina Hassan Basri, Wan Sallha Yusoff, Mohd Fairuz Md Salleh and Suraiya Ibrahim

An Insight into the Influence of HRM Practices on Employees’ Satisfaction in the Manufacturing Company

Z.J. Chow1, U.N. Saraih, Noormaizatul Akmar Ishak, M.Y. Bibi Noraini, S. Abdullah and J. Ansari

The Influence of Unethical Marketing Practices on Consumers’ Buying Behaviours among Malaysian Tertiary Students

J.L. Goo, U.N. Saraih, H.J. Jaafar, M.Y. Bibi Noraini, W.S. Yusoff and M.S. Ramish

Determinant of Malaysia Cooperative Performance:Determinant of Malaysia Cooperative Performance:A Dynamic Estimation

Zelhuda Shamsuddin, Tengku Maaidah Tengku Abdul Razak, Wan Sallha Yusoff and Aimi Anuar